Credit And Debt Management

Posted August 1st @ 1 August, 2015

Today's consumers benefit drastically from the usefulness of credit. Credit cards are especially useful for large purchases, emergency situations, reservations, identification, and protection from fraud. Unfortunately, millions of consumers abuse credit cards beyond their financial earnings. The use of credit results in costly interest payments and late fees, impulse buying, overextended lifestyles, and the unnecessary stress from harassing telephone calls from collectors. Do You Think You ...
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Taxability of Social Security Benefits

Posted July 31st @ 31 July, 2015

The IRS determines whether your Social Security benefits are taxable by looking at your total income and marital status. Form SSA-1099, which Social Security recipients should receive by January 31, shows your total benefits, but determining your taxable benefits requires putting pencil to paper. Generally, if Social Security benefits are your only income, your benefits are not taxable and you probably do not need to file a federal income tax return. If you received Social Security benefits ...
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Economic Productivity | Surge In Economic Productivity

Posted July 30th @ 30 July, 2015

The economy is recovering, yet the Labor market is still in the doldrums (we will see just how bad tomorrow morning). In other words, output is up, yet the number of hours of work to build that output is down. This, by definition, means that output per hour -- otherwise known as economic productivity -- is going up.Today we found out by just how much. Non-farm business economic productivity increased at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 9.5% in the third quarter, the uppermost rate since the ...
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Opt for Efficient Accounting Outsourcing Services for a Tension-free Business

Posted July 29th @ 29 July, 2015

Solving the accounting nitty-gritty is definitely a very time-consuming task. From ledger, profit and loss account to the main balance sheet, everything needs to be at their correct place to tally the income and loss of the company and thereby reveal its actual financial position to its stake holders. Only experts can be trusted for maintaining accurate monetary books of a company in a proficient way. Hiring accounting professionals involves a lot of expenditure. Expenses increases even more as ...
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Forex Risk Management Calculator - The Secrets of Profitable Forex Money Management

Posted July 28th @ 28 July, 2015

Forex Risk Management Calculator One of the main reasons why over 90% of new Forex Traders lose their entire accounts within a few months is that they fail to understand that their new profession entails high levels of risk. Forex Risk Management Calculator To counter this problem, they need to grasp the concepts of good money management as quickly as possible. Although mastering money management does not always in itself bring profits, it does contribute to protecting existing profits, or ...
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Are non-profit debt consolidation companies really non-profit?

Posted July 27th @ 27 July, 2015

The IRS or the Internal Revenue Service grants certain debt consolidation companies the status of non profit. This means that the company will negotiate your debts with the creditor but again this does not at all mean that these companies offer debt consolidation services for free. They only help you by negotiating with the credit companies if there are payments that you cannot afford to pay. The responsibility of a debt consolidation non-profit company and a for-profit company is just the same ...
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Posted July 26th @ 26 July, 2015

Pressed for cash, many people will take money out of their individual retirement account (IRA) as a means to get quick access to capital. They do this even though they have to pay taxes and generally if they are younger than 59 , also pay a 10% penalty on the money they withdraw. Only as a last resort should one touch their retirement savings for anything other than retirement expenses. But, in those cases when you need to tap into your retirement savings, a way to get money out of your ...
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Financial Security for Women 101

Posted July 22nd @ 22 July, 2015

Although the intent of this series is to help the average woman develop the basic financial skills, there are people of both sexes, from all walks of life, that opt to allow others (or no one) to manage their finances. It may be 'easier' on the surface to be disconnected from the stress of financial management, but ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your money and your future. It is our sincere wish that everyone have a happy, wonderful life with none of the pitfalls inherent in our ...
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Tips On Getting A Loan

Posted July 21st @ 21 July, 2015

Some time in your life, you will probably need to apply for a loan. However, like most things, there is a wrong way and a right way to go about it. Here are some key tips on getting the loan of your choice. When applying for a loan, you must prepare a written loan proposal. Make your best presentation in the initial loan proposal and application; you may not get a second opportunity.Always begin your proposal with a cover letter or executive summary. You will need to include a variety of ...
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Options Trading Risk Management - How Do I Manage My Risk in Options Trading?

Posted July 20th @ 20 July, 2015

Options Trading Risk Management Like all forms of investment, there is risk associated with trading options too. But this risk can be managed with some basic knowledge. Lets examine the various risks associated with options: 1) Price Uncertainty - No one can say with absolute certainty where the price of a stock is headed. You wont know whether the Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is going to be higher tomorrow, in a week or in a month from today. This uncertainty regarding price poses one risk. 2) ...
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