Rodman & Rodman, P.c. Shares Cash Flow Tips in a Bad Economy

Posted August 27th @ 27 August, 2015

So how can a small business survive in a bad economy? Larry Rice, CPA, Director of Strategic Consulting of Rodman & Rodman, P.C., Certified Public Accountants and business strategists catering to small and medium sized companies throughout New England, outlines critical cash flow tips for small business owners to help them weather a bad economy and beyond. Create a cash flow projection or plan. Every small business should measure projected cash flow one year forward. That projection should ...
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The Cost of Being a Public Company

Posted August 26th @ 26 August, 2015

The Cost of Being a Public Company By William Cate August 2004 [] [ tmentclubwelcome/] The Cost of Going Public The average cost for a traditional U.S. Securities and Exchange registration and listing on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) has risen to about $1,500,000 in 2003. If your company wants to list on Nasdaq, the cost will be an additional $500,000. Registration and ...
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Accounting Outsourcing - Cost-Effective Means Of Handling Accounting Tasks

Posted August 25th @ 25 August, 2015

Outsourcing primarily means the handing over of some part of a business to a third party. In this arrangement, it is the third party which handles the day-to-day working of the process in question. The recent trends in business have positively favored the business of outsourcing. Companies have outsourced their major processes to BPO’s or Business Processing Outsourcing, to decrease their area of immediate concern, so that they can divert all their attention to core issues. Accounting ...
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Achieve Financial Security :

Posted August 21st @ 21 August, 2015

If you are seeking to achieve complete financial security, then Paladin registry is the answer to your problems. The organization caters to individual needs, by understanding financial needs, analyzing lifestyle situations and providing tailor-made solutions. With a rich expertise base and a strong foothold in the industry, Paladin provides comprehensive solutions to all. Conducting financial reviews The organization conducts financial reviews to help customers get more from their money. Under ...
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How to Finance a Small Business

Posted August 20th @ 20 August, 2015

Confused by how to finance a small business? One key to a successful business start-up and expansion is your ability to obtain and secure appropriate financing. Raising capital is the most basic of all business activities. But as many new entrepreneurs quickly discover, raising capital may not be easy; in fact, it can be a complex and frustrating process. However, if you are informed and have planned effectively, raising money for your business will not be a painful experience. This guide ...
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The Cost of Green Eggs and Ham

Posted August 18th @ 18 August, 2015

Young readers know that March 4th is the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Many parents trip their tongues over Seuss stories like "Green Eggs and Ham". "Do you like green eggs and ham?/I do not like them, Sam-I-am./I do not like green eggs and ham". Our son wields a wild spatula when making his April Fool's Day green eggs and ham. Sometimes his culinary skills warrant a cost per item analysis the same way the U.S. Department of Labor reports the Consumer Price Index (CPI). CPI reports tell us what a ...
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Credit Card Security Advice

Posted August 17th @ 17 August, 2015

Which of the following is the biggest threat to your credit card security? a) Shopping online with a credit card b) Shopping in a real store with your credit card c) Ordering something over the phone with your credit card The answer may surprise you. It's b - shopping in a real store with a credit card. Despite all the controversy and publicity surrounding internet phishing and identity theft, shopping online is a relatively safe process. Credit card fraudsters are far more likely to get your ...
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Outsourcing Accounting to US - Powerful Business Strategy

Posted August 16th @ 16 August, 2015

Thanks to the latest technology, you don't have to hire someone full-time or even part-time to stay in your office and handle all of your financial matters. Instead, you can use a reliable online accounting company to do this part of the work for you.One of the biggest benefits of choosing this option is that you can have access to professional services from the convenience of your office via the Internet. Online accounting services allow you to have the assistance of professionals in the area ...
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Credit Risk Modelling: The Cutting-edge Collection Technical Papers Published in Risk 1999-2003

Posted August 15th @ 15 August, 2015

Bharat Book Bureau, a leading market information distributor has tabled a report Credit Risk Modelling: The Cutting-edge Collection Technical Papers Published in Risk 1999-2003 A unique volume that brings together the most innovative and instrumental papers on credit risk modelling to reflect the major developments to date. This volume also focuses on the influences that are currently shaping the industry. * Designed in order for readers to easily ...
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Identity Theft - Guard Your Children's Social Security Numbers

Posted August 13th @ 13 August, 2015

Identity theft is a growing concern among Americans, and rates among the top five complaints received by states’ Attorney General’s offices. A stolen identity can lead to tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt in the victim’s name and it can take years to completely undo the damage done to the victim’s credit report. Identity thieves can successfully commit crime with as little as a driver’s license number or credit card number, but the ideal target of such criminals is the ...
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